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Friday, October 19, 2012


I  fixed  this  last  Sunday  for  dinner... very   simple  and  quick

 3  cut  up  cups left over  chicken
2-3 red potatoes  (I  use  them  unpeeled)  cut  up into  cubes
2-3  carrots   sliced  thin
1 small yellow onion
3 cups  chicken  broth
corn starch
1 can  ( Grands  type  flaky  biscuits)
simmer  chicken  in  broth
saute  onion  in  1 tablespoon  butter  or  margerine
par  boil  potatoes and  carrots in salted  water . ..   do  not  overcook
add  onions  and  drained potatoes and carrots  to chicken and broth... simmer 10 minutes
thicken  with  cornstarch  water  mixture ...
salt  and pepper  to taste
pour  into  shallow    casserole dish  sprayed  with cooking  spray (approximately 3 inch  high )
place  biscuits on top  and  bake  in preheated  400 degree oven  until  tops  are brown  and  bubbly  around  edges  of  biscuits

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